Bridesmaid Shopping Tips

You have your what's next? Your girls of course! Here are some helpful hints and tips to make this process smooth for everyone involved! 

Photographer:  Meyerott Photography

Photographer: Meyerott Photography

1. Plan Ahead of Time

You've picked your girls, now you have to work together with them to find something that fits your vision but makes them feel comfortable. Find a time that works for the majority of your girls and set an appointment in advance to make sure that a consultant can help you and you do not feel rushed! Also, make sure that you start looking at least six months out. Bridesmaid dresses take 3 months to order and you want to give them time for alterations!

2. Come With a Vision 

Do you want all your girls in the same style and color? Do you want all the same color but different styles? Everything significantly different? There are a world of options for you! Keep in mind, it is a lot easier to stick with one designer for all of your girls, even when you give them the option of different dresses. One designers color may be drastically different than another's. 

3. Be Understanding But Firm 

You are the bride and this is your day, so no one should be telling you what you should or shouldn't pick for the dresses. But, when it comes to your bridesmaid comfort level, be courteous to what they will be okay wearing for the whole day. Straps are sometimes a must, while other's may feel self conscious in one with a lower neckline. Listen to your girls, but realize you do make the final decision. 

4. Understand the Ordering Process 

On top of the fact that you need six months for the bridesmaid process, realize that we order all the bridesmaid dresses at the same time. We do this to make sure that their dresses come from the same dye lot and there is no subtle differences in the shade of color. This means that we do not place orders until everyone has paid the down payment, which is half of the price of the dress. 

5. Have Fun!

No part of your wedding planning experience should be a hassle! We want this to be an enjoyable experience and one that you and your girls can bond over. We can't wait to help you find dresses to help you complement your dream dress! 

Photographer:  Courtney Smith

Photographer: Courtney Smith