Big Announcement - Our New Sister Store!


We have a very big announcement to make!! White Traditions Bridal House is opening a second location in Ofallon, Missouri. We are very excited, our new sister store will be called Cleo Bridal. It will be located in the historic Krekel House in old town Ofallon. 

The new store will have a French country farmhouse feel with large windows, shiplap walls, and rustic european style chandeliers. We will be carrying new designers at the store and our inventory will be priced at $1500 and below. We have amazing wedding dresses that we have ordered for the store and we are thrilled to show them off!

So, why Cleo Bridal?

The name just seemed to fit! The historic house the store will be located in was originally the home of Nicholas Krekel, who is deemed the founding father of Ofallon, Missouri. He built the first home in Ofallon facing the railroad. The home was originally a log cabin and was then expanded to a 1 1/2 story home, finally a 2 story home in the 1800s. The Krekel House was first a general store, where Nicholas served as the postmaster to Ofallon and the station master for the railroad. Nicholas was married and had 10 children.

One of his children, named Bertha, was one of the first reporters in Ofallon; and nonetheless a female reporter. She wrote under the pen name Cleo which in Greek Mythology is the muse of history. This revolutionary and empowering woman reflects the spirit of our new store and inspired us to share her namesake. Cleo Bridal has been renovated to restore and reflect the history of this beautiful structure and influential family.

Bertha Krekel 2.jpg
Bertha Krekel.jpg

We will be opening October 20, 2017. We are beyond excited, and hope to see you there! 

Cleo Bridal by White Traditions Bridal House

103 Civic Park Dr

Ofallon, Missouri 63366