When Should I Buy My Wedding Gown?

when to buy my wedding dress
wedding dress timeline

We get asked this question A LOT, here are our suggestions!

Planning a wedding is stressful. There are endless tasks, follow ups, appointments, and things to stress over. Your wedding dress should not be one of those things! The best way to prevent wedding dress drama is shopping and PURCHASING early. 

Order your gown 10-12 months out from your wedding date. Yes, we said almost a YEAR out from your wedding day! I know. Here is why. Your wedding gown is a specially made garment, unique to you and your preferences; style, color, size. This process takes time. Your dress is not made until we order it. The gown is truly special and unique to you my dear. 

After the months it takes to order your gown and get it back into our store, you still need to do alterations. Yes, the gowns are made for you, but they are still made to a pattern. They need adjustments to customize the fit to your body specially. In order to do alterations, you need to have your shoes, and undergarments purchased and ready to go with you that day. This also takes time; choosing shoes for the big day is not an easy task!

The most important reason to buy early is simply the fact that a HUGE wedding planning decision is complete and you can move on with your vision. We are here to help and our goal is to make your wedding dress experience the best it can possibly be! 

That moment you start shopping be mentally prepared to find the one! You never know when it will happen! When it happens, don't be afraid to say yes! Trust us, when it's the one you know! 

- White Traditions Bridal House Staff :)