because we want your shopping experience at white traditions bridal house to be all that you hoped are a few pointers before visiting our store! 

do i need an APPOINTMENT at a bridal store?

Our door are always open to browse, but to better serve you and to give you the service that you deserve, we prefer that you have an appointment. Without a bridal appointment there is a good chance you will not be able to try on any gowns. You can do so by calling our store or emailing us. We will be more that happy to accommodate you.

when should i order my wedding dress?

When should I order my dress? You can never order your wedding dress too early, just a bit too late! 

Bridal gowns are almost always made to order, meaning the designer starts making your gown, once you order it! Please allow 4-6 months for the designer to make your gown. You should order your wedding dress about 8-12 months out from your wedding date. That allows time for the dress to arrive and any alterations to be completed.

Don't have this much time? Don't stress! We will try our best to get you a gown as soon as possible! The designers often have dresses that are already in progress to help facilitate close wedding dates. There is also always the option to buy off the rack. When you buy off the rack, you get a great deal, and you get your gown that day!

how long is a bridal APPOINTMENT?

Your bridal appointment will be scheduled for an hour and a half, so be prepared to try on some bridal gowns! It is sometimes helpful to have somewhat of an idea of what style bridal gown you are looking for. Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. We likely have brides before and after you, and we want to give everyone the appropriate amount of time and attention.

You might also want to bring any undergarments you plan on wearing for your wedding day. It helps to get the whole feel of how you will look in your gown.

how many people can i bring to my bridal APPOINTMENT? 

We are a cozy boutique, so it is hard for us to accommodate large parties on weekends. If you have a large party (5 or more guests), and can come on a weeknight that is the best option. If you cannot make it on a weeknight, and need a weekend, please let us know while booking your appointment. 

Also always remember, the decision of choosing a bridal gown is all yours, with a large group sometimes it is very hard to formulate your own opinion on a very important choice. 

what is the price range of your bridal gowns?

The gowns in our store range from about $1100 to about $3000, with the average price falling right around $1500. We have a great selection of gown in all prices in this range. We also have sale dresses that would fall below the average prices in our store. 

If you have specific price inquiries, feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to help.

how do i order my WEDDING dress?

So you have found the perfect gown, and now it's time to order...very exciting! 

We will measure you in our store, and order your wedding dress as close to those measurements as we possibly can. Keep in mind most gowns need alterations after they arrive in our store. These alterations are to customize the fit to your body perfectly, and are not included in the cost of the dress.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering your gown, and the other 50% is due when the gown arrives in our store. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, and personal checks with proper identification.

Since bridal gowns are special order, we unfortunately cannot return any goods at our store. Please make sure you are 100% on your purchase.

Waiting for your dress to arrive is like waiting for Christmas! Since it takes a few months for the dress to arrive, it's the perfect time to think about finalizing any wedding accessories you may want, such as shoes, veils, and hair accessories. 

We will give you a call just as soon as your beautiful wedding gown arrives in our store!

do you have in house alterations?

We do not offer in store tailoring. We have a list of preferred seamstresses around St Charles and St Louis, and we think that you will love them. They all have many years of bridal alteration experience, and can't wait to help you with your gown. We like to refer to them as our own personal magicians!


we want to make your dress buying experience perfect and memorable. if there is anything we can do to assist with this...just let us know!